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When Your Heart Kid Plays Sports: 5 Tips To Ease Your Anxiety

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It’s natural for parents to have some level of worry about their child’s health, safety, and well-being, especially when sports are involved.

And when a child has a medical condition—like a heart defect—that level of concern might be compounded by worries about how physical activity could impact her health.

In some cases, you might even wonder if playing sports should be completely out of the question for your heart kid. However, while each child’s case is unique, in general, heart kids can play sports just like any other children. The important thing to keep in mind is safety. Read More


Sean Akers

Hi, I’m Dr. Sean Akers, and I’m a Licensed Clinical Pediatric Psychologist at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha. I serve as the primary psychologist for the heart transplant team as well as the coordinator of the Consult Liaison Service. My job is to provide heart kids and their families with support throughout their journey.