Heart And Soul: 5 People Who Overcame Adversity And Changed The World

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When you look at your child, chances are that you see everything she has to offer the world—like her inner and outer strength and beauty.

But kids sometimes struggle with their sense of self-worth, especially when they have health challenges (like heart conditions) that leave them feeling different from their peers. So, they might have a harder time seeing the strength and potential that you can see so clearly.

Sharing stories of people who have struggled and ultimately succeeded can provide them with comfort, perspective, and inspiration. These people send a clear and powerful message: You can do great things in life, no matter what.

If your heart kiddo ever feels down about being different, here are the stories of 5 people who overcame adversity and went on to change the world.


Sean Akers

Hi, I’m Dr. Sean Akers, and I’m a Licensed Clinical Pediatric Psychologist at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha. I serve as the primary psychologist for the heart transplant team as well as the coordinator of the Consult Liaison Service. My job is to provide heart kids and their families with support throughout their journey.

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